Cheers to 27

There’s something magical about the sound to 27. It’s a new chapter, new footsteps, and new dreams to turn into reality. This is where my blog comes into play. For quite sometime I’ve been contemplating on the opportunity to invest in an online space showcasing and sharing my love for fashion, food, and adventurous journeys in the sunshine state and beyond. Well, I’m proud to say that my 27th birthday has already been an inspirational turning point as I welcome you to my darling moment blog!

Now for the sweet details to finalize this post. As a delightful surprise, my birthday weekend entailed a wintry feel, so I was beyond stoked to pull together a “fall into winter” look. This simple and whimsical dress from Guess has been a staple of mine for quite some time. Not only was it on sale for less than $60, but also it’s super comfortable and fits so nicely. To complement my dress, these Steve Madden Gaze Bootie ankle boots, are crafted with the perfect heel height and are right on trend!unnamed (1)

A major theme here is all about that comfort and stylish polished look. Because a lady is always privileged to have her cake and eat it too while feeling fabulous, right?unnamed

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