Rockin’ Around Universal Studios

Universal Orlando is simply a world beyond words to describe. From its stunning rides & attractions to its captivating shows & entertainment, imagination is painted everywhere in a style that brings out your inner-childhood spirit.

I was beyond thrilled to spend my holiday weekend at Universals as the park was decked with the Christmas spirit. My favorite part of it all has to be Diagon Alley as the magic of Harry Potter is transformed with breathtaking lighting and decor. The whole experience left an enchanting mark in my heart that will forever be cherished.

Keep scrolling below for a look at the marvelous adventures that ignited my childhood spirit!

P.S.: For those of you who are or are planning to be in the area, Universal’s Holiday shows and parade will continue to show through January 6. This magical lineup of festivities is worth it! Wishing all a beautiful holiday filled with peace, love and darling moments!

Universal Orlando Resorts

A darling adventure

unnamed (9)

Holiday cheer with gratefulness

unnamed (10)

Christmas painted onto nature

unnamed (11)

Sunshine mood

unnamed (12)

Magical spirit shared with all

Diagon Alley transformed into magic

Diagon Alley transformed into magic

Location: Universal Orlando Resorts | Pants: Express | Top: {a} Haley Boutique | Sunglasses: Michael Kors

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