Reflections into Resolutions

2017 was perhaps the most impactful year for me. Filled with abundant lessons learned, this year has only shaped me to become a stronger and brave individual in this rather intimidating world.

From going thru the post-grad difficulties of securing a job to loosing my greatest and life-long companion, I’m only grateful to have experienced such challenges and realize what matters most. This new mindset has pushed me to nurture a stronger belief in myself,  my faith, and my relationships. Life, itself, is such a precious gift to embrace and give back with each new day in each new moment. I’m a firm believer in aiming to see the best of things in all things possible, and impossible. This mentality only motivates me further to envision the miracles that exist throughout the day. Miracles exist within a hug shared with a loved one, a kind act passed onto a stranger, and even in a simple smile. By recognizing and appreciating such wonders, we all can be the light of hope in someone else’s life. This fact just marvels me and I can only await to see how my blog can inspire others in any area of life.

And as for this new chapter that is about to unfold, I’ll be sharing with you all a few of my top lessons learned transformed into new resolutions (though the list could go on and on)! I would love for you all to share your key takeaways for 2017 and the awesome goals that will be achieved for 2018! Comment below!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and health new year! Remember, you are capable of anything your heart desires!

Top Lessons Learned

  1. Tomorrow is never a promise, only today ….. Embrace each opportunity to love those in your heart
  2. A closed mind is essentially a closed door …. Adapt an open mindset to meet new individuals and learn something new from everyone
  3. Doubt and fear hinder the footsteps needed to move forward …. Listen to the heart and take leaps of faith with each new day

P.S. For those looking for a challenge, try this one out for a new change! The Doorway Challenge aims to leave everyone and everything better than you found them every time you enter through a door.

unnamed (15)

My forever companion from above..aka Blizzard

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