Love of Layers

2018 has definitely made its own introduction with frigid temps circling much of the U.S. Even in my city, Tampa,Fl, the brisk cool air is causing many to wonder if snow is a possibility throughout this winter season. I, for one, am more of a fan of Summer, however, I must admit that these temperatures leave nothing but a smile on my face!


The cool crispy breeze automatically translates (in the fashionista’s world) into layers on top of layers. The opportunity to play with an array of colors, textures, and pieces have me in my childhood state-of-mind.  There’s a feeling of pleasure and delight when it comes to layering up with your outfit, and no wrong can be done with mixing and matching. I certainly believe that winter fashion is meant to be just as fun as any other season, if not more so, as this is the time to showcase your individuality with each and every piece of the outfit.


A current obsession of mine for this theme centers on bright tones with contrasting patterns. This only helps me become more comfortable out of my comfort zone and more inspired to create a unique personal brand. Plus, it’s always a joy splashing colors, mixing pieces, and making an outfit just for you. After all, it’s a women’s world out there and we only want to have fun, right?!? I’d love to learn of the ways you all are embracing your own layering looks! Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

Location: Hyde Park Village | Jeans: Bebe (similar)| Jacket: H&M (sold out)| Purse: Kate Spade NY (similar & on sale)

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