The Dessert Spot: A Sweet & Delightful Encounter

Each month I like to take the opportunity to try a new cuisine. Whether it’s  from a local bakery or a restaurant chain, I simply find this mindset adventurous as it allows me to further explore my boundaries throughout my city. For this month’s test tasting endeavor, the destination entailed proudly treating the sweet tooth that somehow always wins the final decision!

The Dessert Spot at Toffee To Go is a one-of-a kind cafe with a foundation that’s nurtured with family recipes. Not only do its sweet treats captivate your taste buds upon the first bite, but also foster a warm feeling inside with such sincere hospitality shared by everyone. It’s no wonder that The Dessert Spot has a stellar reputation throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the handmade toffee has paved a path to fame with its remarkable recognition by established editors such as Oprah Winfrey? This is more of a reason to visit the cafe and partake in such a delightful experience!

To get a glimpse into the delicious ways I spoiled my sweet tooth craving, scroll below!

Toffee-to-go Cafe entrance and sitting areaToffee- to- go menu with ice cream, brownies, coffee, and moreIMG-2388

I am very busy agenda with sweet ice cream sundae and chocolate filled peanut butter cookie

Toffee Sundae Mic

A delightful butterscotch pecan and chocolate Sundae with hot fudge drizzle

2 thoughts on “The Dessert Spot: A Sweet & Delightful Encounter

    • Jessica Santander says:

      That’s great, Lynne! So glad to hear your love for this cafe! It truly is one of a kind. Thank you so much for the compliment! My necklace is from BaubleBar. I have it linked to a similar one that’s on sale on my homepage. 🙂 If you’re unable to access it, I can certainly provide it to you!


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