Dream Big, Achieve Even Bigger

This post’s theme embodies a more authentic, personal style that shares a tad bit about my past, my passion, and my goals. Though I’m the introvert who shies away from talking about myself, I’m more than happy to walk with you all on this journey and create memorable milestones to inspire us all.

This boundary less journey all started a while back, roughly 20 years ago, when I always used to (and still do) look up to my mother as my fashion icon. From her bright, colorful outfits to bouncy hair styles, there was nothing that didn’t memorize me about my mother’s sense of fashion. Perhaps this fascination is the root cause to my childhood, and now adulthood, passion for the ever-dynamic and ever-beautiful world of moda. There’s just a magical feeling within me that lights up every time I come across a magazine article or content from industry-leading figures. In other words, I can whole-hardheartedly attest to the truth that my past, my present, and my future encompass fashion-oriented ambitions in some form or another. This acknowledgement is what had, in fact, sparkled the idea to launch my blog, and I’m thrilled to simply let this path take me to even greater places and greater discoveries.

By allowing my passion to unfold throughout my life, I’m even more motivated to transform this worth-while dream into an ever-lasting achievement. The journey may be challenging with ups and downs, however, the focus is even more powerful and more prepared to show the world just what dreams are made of! After all, the bigger the dream, the more beautiful and greater the triumph! What have been your childhood goals and how can you let that passion back into your life? I would love for you all to share!

P.S. For those curious to gain an understanding as to how significant my love for fashion is, take a look below and be prepared to share in a #darlingmoment!

Fashion-Inspired child

A fashion-inspired child playing with my mother’s clothes

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