Life is Your Piece to Your Puzzle

Creative Visualization novel to change your life for the better

Part of my new year’s goals that I aim to transform into a lifelong project is the opportunity to read books spanning across all subjects. This new endeavor is definitely shaped by some individuals who I look up to and their emphasis on always being a student for life.

For the first book of this year, I delved into the topic of Creative Visualization after reading upon the wonderful and life-changing experience fashion blogger and bad ass superwoman, Jaclynn Brennan, had with this subject. Little did I know how much of an impact this book would have in my life in such a little period of time.

Creative Visualization reflects one of my favorite verses of the Bible, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”. The power of the mind is something remarkable to live by, in each new day, and, I’ve learnt how to respect it in such simple, yet, miraculous moments. From relishing with my fruitful taste-buds during a warm, fulfilling brunch to taking time throughout my day to be still and appreciate all that I have now. Such challenges are ever-so rewarding because of the goodness they bring unto the heart and soul. This book is filled with guidance, exercises, and opportunities to adapt a stronger mindset.

Prior to reading this topic, I, honestly, was not a true believer in mediation and affirmation, I did respect such areas of life, but never felt it would make a difference to me. Yet, if I were to share my key takeaway from it all, it would have to be the dedication I now embrace towards affirmations. Repeating beautiful and encouraging statements to myself every morning has pushed me that much further to stop comparing myself to others, to accept and love my body and dreams, and, especially, to trust that I have everything I need now to chase what my heart desires.

If there was only one challenge that I could share with you all, it would definitely be to say kinder words to yourself and hug yourself more for all that you do and are capable of doing. The creative visualization mindset is a life-long road itself, but one positive thought truly does have the power to make that moment in that day remarkable.

I’m so grateful to have come across this book and to have such inspiring individuals in my life, and I can only hope to share this energy with others across the globe.

P.S. For those interested in winning a free copy of Creative Visualization, please let me know either via a comment section below or e-mail! Cheers to darling moments!

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