Maximum Style, Minimum Investment: Meet Tampa’s Fresh Eyes Behind The Trendsetting Jewelry Collection, Modern Mesh

IMG-3459A rock star mom by day, fashion creative by night, Melissa Gapuz Batto is such an inspiring figure in her industry and beyond. As a 40-something years young female entrepreneur, Melissa is redefining the fashion world and breaking down boundaries, one bangle at a time. Balancing her full-time career as a Modern mom and owner of Modern Mesh, this Tampa-based fashion guru leads by example with the unlimited ways of putting passion into action. For Melissa, this passion has forever involved fashion, and, she is now sharing her dream-come-true for all trendsetters with her curated, contemporary jewelry collection at eye-catching and affordable price points. Curious to learn more about this beautiful soul and talented rock star? Keep reading on and get ready to be captivated by Melissa’s enchanting energy!

P.S. Be sure to scroll below for a few special prizes shared by Melissa exclusively for you!

Modern Mesh Jewerly Owner

Meet Melissa Batto

An Insider Glimpse Into The Creative Spirit of Modern Mesh

Can you tell me about your background?

I’ve been in Fashion Retail for over 20 years! I started out as a Sales Associate at 16 years old at a trendy ladies apparel shop in Virginia Beach, VA, where I’m originally from. Since then, I’ve always been drawn to retail and fashion. The last position I held in the workforce was at a high luxury department store as a Sales Manager for Women’s Clothing. For 12 years, I was surrounded with the most sought after fashion collections and worked with the most creative, brilliant, & talented individuals in a magnificently pristine & elegant setting.

I feel that my experience in Fashion Retail has given me the best tools and understanding of running a business and, ultimately, helped me build the foundation of my business, Modern Mesh.

What has motivated you to follow the path that has led you to where you are today?

I left my accomplished position to pursue a new path that I knew NOTHING about. As a full-time mom, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience my son’s firsts in life, see his eyes light up when I taught him something new, and create memories we both will treasure.

When my son turned 1 1/2, I felt the drive to re-enter the fashion industry. The creativity, talent, & passion inside me needed to be unleashed and I really wanted to pour it into something that was mine. I decided to create a name for my brand. I didn’t have a vision for it at the time, but having my brand name really motivated me to search & find exactly what Modern Mesh is today.

How did you come up with the brand name “Modern Mesh”?

I wanted my brand to start with Modern because I love all things modern: modern fashion, modern art, modern home decor, and modern technology.

“MESH” is actually an acronym in which each letter stands for a passion in my life: Motherhood, Empowerment, Style, and Home & Health.

Once I finally had my vision for Modern Mesh, “Mesh” ended up having a secondary meaning. In the dictionary, “mesh” means to be in or bring harmony to and that’s exactly what the collection does; you can harmoniously mix, match, and layer all of the jewelry pieces together. It effectively became the perfect name for my brand.

I love how MESH is an acronym for a passion in your life. Can you describe each passion for us?

I’d love to!

Motherhood- I am a full-time Mom to a 3 year old boy. He’s my everything and my goal in life is to hopefully mold him into a kind & decent human being.

Empowerment- I’m a woman who truly believes in empowering and supporting other women.

Style- Fashion has been a constant in my life since I was a teen.

Home & Health- Leading a healthy and balanced life is important to me and my family.

How did Modern Mesh start?

Can you believe I started out selling just 1 style on Facebook? At the time (September 2016), chokers & the resurgence of the 90’s trends appeared and being a kid growing up in the 90’s- I was all over that! I decided to buy the wrap choker at wholesale because I absolutely loved its versatility. I posted various ways to wear the Wrap Choker to my FB and it sold out immediately! It was so invigorating and set a fire for me to continue with fashion jewelry.

Since then, I’ve launched 5 collections and I currently offer over 45 different styles.

What led you to create a concept that ties back to modern fashion trends at affordable price points?

My mantra is Maximum Style for a Minimal Investment. Not only did I want to offer a collection filled with what’s trending in fashion, but I also wanted to offer a collection that was extremely affordable. A concept that speaks to all ages and any budget

What sets Modern Mesh apart from other jewelry companies?

I think it’s the endless ways to exude YOUR personal style with the collection. You can choose to wear 1 piece for a minimalist look, or choose multiple pieces to layer for a statement look.

What has been your most inspiring moment so far for Modern Mesh, and why?

Working on my latest line, Pop Fizz Pink by Modern Mesh, has been the most inspired collection thus far (and my favorite!) The inspiration behind the collection is Rosé Champagne- sweet, flirty, and bubbly.  This collection is ultra-feminine with ladylike details and is featured in shades of pink- a hue that is classic, timeless, and very now!

My vision for this collection was very clear because I analyzed the strengths and opportunities of the previous collections, listened to my market’s desires, and researched the trends.  From this, I was able to curate a collection that I felt truly confident in!

If you’d have to choose, which piece of accessory is a must-have and why?

I am absolutely in LOVE with anything Metallic Rosé -the Modern Mesh rose gold! But if I had to choose a must-have piece, I would choose the Nail Bangle. This Bangle is to die for and is gorgeous in the metallic rosé! To me, it’s a universal piece that goes with everything. Wear it alone or stack it with your fav bangles!

What can we expect from Modern Mesh in the next coming months?

I’m so excited to announce that I will be opening a Pop up Shop at my favorite specialty shop, {A} Haley Boutique! For Summer 2018, I will be launching the Ethereal White Collection by Modern Mesh.

Spring trendsetting jewelry collection

A Bundle Of Surprises From Modern Mesh To You

With a benevolent heart and sensational character, Melissa brings an entirely new vision for everyone to embrace their authentic style. Discover the ever-so ravishing Pop Fizz Pink Collection here as well as other awe-inspiring collections, such as The Good Vibes. As a special gift for you, be sure to take 15% off your entire order with discount code ADarlingMoment! Even more exciting is that you’ll have the chance to meet Melissa and see her most captivating collection at The Pop Fizz Pink Party on March 10th at {A} Haley Boutique! So save the date and get ready to revamp your Spring ensemble!

P.S. Check out and follow Modern Mesh at @modernmesh on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated with current collections! 

Pop Fizz Pink Collection


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Styling Inspo by Melissa


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