How To Visit The Must-See Places In New York City In Just 2 Days


The concrete jungle definitely greeted this gal with a warm-hearted and exciting welcome-back in the first weekend of March. Having grown up within the Tri-state area and with frequent visits to New York, I’ve considered this enchanting city as my home away from home. When the opportunity to re-encounter the big apple arose, I immediately seized the offer and went with my instincts to plan this mini-getaway for March. Little did I know that a Nor’easter would pound the city the day of my arrival! As my flight was the only one not canceled that day, I transformed this fact into an even greater reason to make the best with what Mother Nature has created and live out the adventures awaiting in the city!

Below I’ve listed out the must-see places you can visit on your next travel to the big apple in just 2 days! Keep scrolling below for details on the locations that are absolutely worth exploring, no matter what the weather may be!

My Personal Favorite Places to Visit in Nyc!

1.  The Museum at FIT

Visit to NYC Fashion Institute of Technology Museum

Visit to Fashion Institute of Technology Museum

With the rain, snow, and gusty winds taking over the city, a trip to the FIT museum was a perfect way to escape from the frigid wind chill temps and take a deep dive into the world of fashion. The past month marked the 19th fashion symposium of the museum where the main theme centered on The Body: Fashion and Physique. I was beyond thrilled to tour this exhibition as topics such as the emergence of plus-size fashion and perspective shifts of the female body were brought forth in an effort to challenge the current dialogue happening among designers, models, and activists. Beyond such uplifting subjects, admission to the museum is free! So, it’s even more of a win-win for us fashion-enthusiasts and trendsetters!

MFIT Fashion and Physique Symposium

Twiggy Clothing from 1967

Advertisement for Line of Twiggy Clothing, 1967

2.  NoMo Soho 

Brunch at NYC Nomo Soho

Another personal favorite and must-visit place was NoMo Soho, located in one of the top shopping destinations of NY, filled with fashionable crowds and high-end restaurants. Immediately upon arrival, I was fascinated with the modernized, yet classic, appeal of the indoor and outdoor ambiance. To be completely transparent, I probably spent at least 15 minutes gazing at the decor before entering the restaurant! I was even more amazed with the menu’s unique Mediterranean flair from the famous Chef Gary King. As the huge avocado lover that I am, I couldn’t resist trying out the restaurant’s most renowned avocado toast dazzled with radishes, espelette, micro cilantro, and lime! My partner-in-crime went for the breakfast pizza, and my goodness, this was a pizza of its own world! Each menu item was so rich in flavor, leaving my taste buds dancing all around! The extra perk for visiting this enchanting restaurant is the guaranteed freshness that comes from its ever-changing menus!


A Magical Entrance Leading to NoMo Soho


NoMo Soho Restaurant for Brunch

Inside NoMo Soho Restaurant

NoMo Soho Bar in NYC

NoMo Soho skyline view of NYC

Stellar View from Inside the Restaurant

Avocado Toast from NoMo Soho

Delicious Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast for Brunch at NoMo SohoNoMo Soho Outdoor Ambience

3. Brooklyn Bridge 

Kate Spade Handbag Traveling to NYC

I Spy Something Remarkable

Within a short 15 minute walking distance from NoMo Soho, the Brooklyn Bridge makes for the perfect next stop visit! Passing thru the neighborhood of Soho and lower Manhattan left me with an exhilarating sensation from within. There’s so much history, culture, and architectural designs blending together to craft an exquisite work of art. Every inch walked on the Brooklyn Bridge is filled with breathtaking views of lower Manhattan, the East river, and Brooklyn. I frequently caught myself in awe at this + 125 years old iconic engineering feature and all the historic events that have taken place. No matter how many times I may visit the Brooklyn Bridge, I’ll always be mesmerized with its cultural sensation!

unnamed (33).jpg

Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Subway Station


Brooklyn Bridge Views

4. Times Square & Surroundings

Fashion Ave Street Sign in NYC

The final & last must-see location on this quick getaway includes the universally renowned Times Square and surrounding areas. I absolutely loved strolling thru the brightly lit and enormous digital billboards of the surrounding streets of this city hub! Beware, though, after much walking around, you’ll be sure to desire a quick snack to fuel up your energy! One of my favorite places to stop for a quick, healthy, and tasteful snack is The Juice Shop, located right after Madison Square Garden on W 31st street and 7th ave. This place has anything you could ever imagine to eat healthy with loads of flavor! My ultimate pick-me-up choice is the AB&C acai bowel entailing almond butter, almond milk, dates, Himalayan sea salt, and the berry family (my taste buds go crazy just thinking about this!). There’s also a tone of natural fruits and vegetable juices to choose from! Such delightful food & juice shops really make a difference in lifting up one’s mood! It sure did for me as this entire experience left a cheek-to-cheek smile on this gal’s face!

The Juice Shop in NYC

The Juice Shop in Midtown Manhattan

The Juice Shop in Midtown Manhattan IMG_3645

Acai bowel with penut butter

PB&C & AB&C Acai Bowel with Coconut Flakes

Classic subway ride in Manhttan

Destination: Adventures

Midtown NYC at Night

Times Square 360 photo at night

That’s a Wrap, for Now!

If you’re planning your next trip to the big apple, I’d love to hear on the places you aim to visit and/or are curious to know more about! Share below in the comments section! Cheers to darling, adventurous moments from the concrete jungle!

Times Square Adventures

The City of Dreams Captured in the Moment

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