The Charming Jewelry Line For Any Woman To Effortlessly Stand Out

Spring Purple and gold jewelry

The Artistic Appeal To Accessorizing Any Outfit

Jewelry has always been a form of art that has infatuated me and my style for as long as I can remember. For me, this delicate area in fashion goes beyond just brand names, but rather, encompasses the unique aesthetics that are visually unveiled with each and every detail. The spring season has certainly broadened up this girl’s eyes to more colorful, vivid, and fun accessories! From lilac-colored bracelets to gold layered necklaces, there’s so much variety to play with! Even more so, I eagerly leap with joy with handmade jewelry as such pieces add an authentic and flattering touch to any outfit. This beautiful bracelet and ring set (as shown above) is exquisitely made from Viviana Beatriz, and I highly recommend for any and all fashionistas to check her brand out!

Keep scrolling below for my fun look book with styling inspirations and a 20% discount code to shop the gorgeous collections from Viviana Beatriz!

A Cute & Chic Spring Outfit

Spring Women Fashion With Ruffled Top

For these warmer days ahead, I’m all for putting together simple and whimsical looks for any fun gathering! Whether I’m heading to a sweet dinner date with my loved one or strolling across Downtown Tampa’s Riverwalk, I always love to entail just the right amount of vivid details and hues. For this outfit, the jewelry balanced effortlessly with the yellow floral top and blue studded heels worn. The light lavender/gold crystal beaded bracelets created an even more stylish statement that I couldn’t take my eyes off them! This fascination also applies to the matching stackable rings (soon to be launched) as the materials are so flexible and can be worn on any finger! The final piece to this chic outfit is the Gold (small) horn necklace.  This particular piece falls so beautifully near the collar bone (a big and strange pet peeve for me when choosing necklaces!) and is also a perfect way to embrace the trendy layering style this fashion season!

Lavander & Gold Bracelets with Matching rings

Close-up Of Jewelry Ensemble

Spring Yellow Floral Top and Accessories


A Feminine Twist To The Denim Look

Spring accessories with denim outfit

Denim looks are always a classic and timeless trend in the fashion realm. I just love the limitless ways in creating a one-of-a-kind outfit with this material! Accessories not only play a focal role to completing the denim ensemble, but also a make for flattering way to showcase your individuality. For the ripped jeans outfit, I chose to style with the gold layered bar necklace (soon to be launched) as the shape and length add the perfect touch of femininity to this look. More so, the gracious detail of the soft purple beaded crystals fosters a simple and elegant statement, and is my favorite aspect to this layered piece!

Gold Beaded Crystal Layered Necklace

Close-up of Gold Layered Bar Necklace

Denim Fashion with Spring Jewelry

Lavender & Gold Bracelets With Matching Rings

Spring Denim Style Outfit

The buttoned-down denim blouse is yet another versatile way to embrace the hot trend around denim. For this look, I went for a more casual and sporty ensemble accessorized with colorful beaded bracelets, matching stackable rings, and the layered Small Silver Hand Charm necklace. Worn together or separately, this 2 piece necklace features freshwater pearl details, showcasing a simple and subtle aesthetic appeal.

Women's denim outfit with spring accessories

Denim blouse with beaded necklace

Close up of Silver Hand Charm Layered Necklace

Women's Denim spring blouse

All in all, I’m head over heels with such beautiful handmade jewelry by Viviana Beatriz ! I’m so thrilled to introduce you to her brand and newest collections! With her varied and versatile colored pieces, you’ll be sure to love and live in any of her fashionable ensembles as I already do! As a special gift to you, Viviana is offering the discount code, DARLING20, for 20% off your entire order from April 11th until April 30th! This is the perfect time to shop her collections with new arrivals across all categories!

Happy shopping fellow fashionistas and cheers to darling moments with great pieces of accessories!

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