The Classic Floral Dress For Spring & A Renewed Heart With Gratitude

Women's Summer Floral Dress

Ever since stepping into the world of blogging, I’ve learned so much about myself and of life in a rather short time frame. Throughout these past 4 months, moments of reflection about self-confidence and self-love have been an important factor towards building up my personal brand. It can be tough, and sometimes, tempting to say yes to anything and everything in an effort to get more exposure, more followers, more posts…etc. This rather fast cycle of “more” can sidetrack one’s own focus, and, as imperfect as we all are, I’ve caught myself in this phase more than once. What has been, though, a foundation in helping me re-think and re-align my efforts in my blogging, personal, and professional career is gratitude. This particular element of life is so applicable on so many levels and to pretty much any circumstance. From moments of comparing myself to others’ style and success to evaluating my own content’s value, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to let gratitude shine stronger than such an unhealthy mindset. Yet I do believe that experiences are meant to transform into invaluable lessons learned, and, this journey so far has been exactly that! I’m grateful to have come across such inspiring and successful influencers and stylists, and am practicing day by day my own appreciation towards my style and content.

This entire experience truly is a daily exercise that when forgotten, even in a blink of a second, can take you back to where you started. It definitely isn’t easy to simply live every second in gratitude, but when one realizes the blessings present, here and now, everything fundamentally changes. For me, when I think about the health and happiness of those who I love, my perspective becomes that much clearer, my smile grows that much bigger, and my heart leaps in joy that much faster. If I were to summarize this particular moment of reflection, I’d say that gratitude is love and love is what life is all about.

After recently experiencing some much needed uplifting moments of gratitude, I had a fun and refreshing time taking some photos of my most favorite spring trend: floral patterns – even more so with this cute spring dress! This floral piece from Entourage entails soft feminine details with its off-the-shoulder style and blush pink floral print. As I love adding in more classy details with dresses, I styled this ensemble with a pair of short nude heels along with a neutral-toned layered necklace and bracelets.

Scroll below for the complete styling inspo with this spring floral dress!

Women Spring off the shoulder floral dressWomen Spring off the shoulder floral dressWomen Spring off the shoulder floral dressWomen Spring blush pink floral dress


I know and expect that there’ll be moments where comparison will happen, but the notion of love and gratitude is such a powerful and refreshing reminder as to what matters most. This will definitely be a daily practice for me to help align my thoughts and action for the day ahead. What are some ways that you exercise gratitude in your day-to-day routines? How have you overcome the tempting cycle of comparison to others? Share below in the comments as I’m curious to learn your ways in living out gratitude!

Cheers to darling moments with ourselves and our loved ones!


Location: Tampa, Fl | Floral Dress: Entourage | Bracelets: Aldo (sold out; new collection) | Bangles: Bourbon & Boweties | Necklace: {a} Haley Boutique (in-store)

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