A Dreamer, Believer, and Leader of Transformation: Meet Tampa’s Fierce Soulpreneur Of Life, Health, And Wellness

Women of Transformation with Isagenix

Meet Lili Arroyo: A Woman Of Transformation & Inspiration

When it comes to overcoming health and fitness obstacles with a robust spirit and optimistic mentality, there’s no better story than that of Lili Arroyo. Lili, inspired by her own personal transformation from unhealthy to healthy, brings along a rather refreshing set of ingredients within the health & wellness industry and beyond. As a wife, mom, and entrepreneur with Isagenix, Lili is driven to nurture a novel sense of community built on trust, credibility, and everlasting support – qualities that shine naturally from a compassionate heart.  With a simple, yet empowering, mission to help others live their fullest potential, Lili is not only a mentor to look up to, but an inspiration for you to reach your goals too! Already captivated by this uplifting soul? Keep reading below to learn about Lili’s story: her athletic triumphs, fitness challenges, and the foundation that has shaped her to this day! Enjoy your read & I’m sure you’ll be just as motivated to get healthy by Lili’s spirit as I was!

P.S. Be sure to scroll thru to find out how you can meet this rock star soulpreneur at her next event!

The Transformative Journey That’s Unleashed A Beautiful Spirit

Can you tell me about your background?

I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New Jersey by a single mom. She stayed very busy working to provide for us and although she was an amazing cook, our eating habits as kids were not the best. I was very active and into sports from a young age. I attended a performing arts high school as a dance major and played tennis outside of school, which got me a full tennis scholarship for college in Baltimore, MD. After graduating, I played some local tournaments, earned a #1 ranking in MD, and decided to go on the tour playing professional tennis. A wrist injury caused me to retire early so I decided to get certified as a tennis pro. My thinking was that if I couldn’t play tennis, the next best thing was to teach others to enjoy the sport AND stay fit in the process!

What has motivated you to follow the path that has led you to where you are today?

You would think that someone as active as I was would be incredibly fit….wrong! I always felt heavy and was unhappy with my physique. I was accustomed to an unhealthy lifestyle and when my uncle, who battled with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, passed away it was a huge eye opener. The correlation became obvious that if I continued with the same diet, I’d be battling against the same challenges. I knew I had to make changes to get healthy because I wanted to be at my best in order to be able to give my family my best!

Family photo of love, support, and unity

Family Photo Of Love, Support, And Unity

Why did you choose Isagenix as your overall product line for your business?

When I started Isagenix, there were no intentions of starting a new business. I was a full time tennis pro that just wanted to get fit again after having a baby. I was running a lot of miles per week, even placed in my 1st half marathon, won the national championships with my tennis team, and competed in a weekly tennis league. Keeping up with all of those activities became difficult after having my son. I found myself in a really tough place because the only way I knew to get in better shape was to work out A LOT but I no longer had a lot of time. I wanted to spend more time with my family which often resulted in skipping the gym or going out to eat. I tried eating organic and meal prepping but that got expensive and took up so much time. I was tired of repeat meals, being a slave to the kitchen, and was about to give up when God answered my prayers.

I was introduced to Isagenix and like most people, had not heard of it, assumed it was a new fad diet, and thought it would give me yoyo results like many other things I had tried in the past. To my surprise, the more I read into it, the more intrigued I was with their no compromise policy, their integrity, and the many studies done to support their findings AND they offer a 30 day money back guarantee! I was looking for red flags but couldn’t find any! Everything was all natural, soy free, gluten free, no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and good for kids (except caffeine products).

21 lbs. and 27 inches lighter, I felt great and everyone could tell. I had this new element of mental clarity that I was so grateful for that it became so natural to share with friends and family how I reached my goal. They could see my excitement and feel my energy, so they wanted to try it for themselves. I knew that I was helping people when I started sharing Isagenix, but I didn’t know to what extreme. The phone calls, texts, and thank yous started to pour in as more people started seeing their results. We are not just talking weight loss-I’m referring to moms that experienced an increase in energy and were able to keep up with their kids; or the mom athletes who were trying to get themselves back (heart, mind, and body); and dads that were sleeping better than ever and were more productive! My amazing transformation that my family got to witness, and the others that I was a part of, is exactly what launched my partnership with Isagenix!

Health Transformation With Isagenix

Health Transformation With Isagenix

What is your mission behind your personal brand with Isagenix?

My mission is to provide a solution that will help you improve your future! Hence, my website, www.improveyourfuture. isagenix.com. Watching others reach their goals is so rewarding and I am honored every time someone allows me to be a part of their journey! Isagenix has a solution for everyone and you can adapt it to your needs at that moment. I have personally used it for several stages of my life and different goals of weight loss, performance, maintenance for healthy living, AND now financial freedom. This may sound crazy, but that little brown box, that I thought came filled with Isagenix products, was actually filled with an improved future. I became a better version of myself and want to help others do the same!

What sets you apart from other dietary/personal care sellers/brands?

When you start Isagenix with me, you don’t just buy a product, you gain a friend who doesn’t judge you and genuinely cares about helping you reach your goals. I find ways to motivate you and show you how to use the program in a way that’s suitable for your goals and lifestyle. I can relate to so many because I didn’t always have a healthy lifestyle but can show you how to create one with the convenience of Isagenix. Motivation, accountability, workout buddies, reminders, and encouragement go a long way and I provide them all!

What can customers, friends, and the audience overall expect from you and your brand?

Authenticity! You will always get the real me and my best efforts to get your best results. As for the company, I have never experienced better customer service or professionalism. They will go above and beyond to ensure your happiness, they stand behind their products 100%, and ensure they use the best ingredients to give us the best results.

Isagenix sport and hydration product

What has been your most inspiring moment since joining Isagenix? Why?

I have 2 very inspiring moments…

#1-My very good friend had me in tears after sharing her results! She had a baby and was stuck in pajamas nursing all day, fell in a rut, and thought she’d never get out. She started Isagenix for her personal goals but later realized that she was getting healthy for her family. Her heartfelt “thank you” for changing her life and giving her the hope she needed to make her comeback inspired me to keep sharing the blessing of health made easy by Isagenix.

#2-They say that events change lives and they really do! Last year, my family joined me at the Isagenix end of the year event “Celebration”. My husband, Hector, had never attended an event like this but I knew he’d go if I was able to cover the expenses from bonuses and promotions for rank advancing…and I did! There we heard some very successful leaders share how they started and how far they’ve come, but 1 story had me in tears. It was about a mom who was very successful in her career but traveled a lot and didn’t get to spend much time with her kids. As her son was getting dressing for school one day, she realized that his pants were short and she realized how much he had grown and she was missing it all. She was aware of the opportunity with Isagenix and decided to walk away from her corporate job to pursue a future with Isagenix and have more time with her family. She is now a 6 figure income earner, works from home, and travels often WITH her family!

Isagenix crystal executive league

I was so happy that my husband was with me at this event because although he has been very supportive all along, he now sees and understands my mission and why I am pursuing this opportunity with Isagenix. My children deserve a full time mom and my tennis schedule at the time didn’t allow that. Since starting my business with Isagenix, I have cut back on teaching tennis lessons to be have more time with Sergio and Sofia. I do this for them…to provide a healthy lifestyle and be present in their lives every single day. They are “My Why”!

Family portraitHow can we meet and learn more about you and your products?

On Friday, May 4th from 6:30-9pm, I’ll be hosting a Mother’s Day Shopping event (access invite here). All of the vendors at my event were carefully picked. I have personally worked with all of them and would refer them to anyone. You will see their passion in their work and they will provide the best service. We want everyone to give themselves or a friend a gift that we know they deserve. It will be a lot of fun and I look forward to being with a group of authentic women supporting one another.

Upon meeting Lili, I was in awe at her level of sincerity and passion with empowering others. I’m so grateful to have come across her rock star personal brand and have been introduced to some amazing health & wellness products. I’m thrilled to introduce you all to this rejuvenating spirit as Lili truly is a walking example of transformation!

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