Mind Over Matter: The Hidden Muscle To Conquer Fear

Clearwater, Fl Summer 2018A new month, a new chapter in the making for what appears to be a fast-paced 2018! I can’t believe how this year is flying by in a blink of an eye as I feel as I had just made my new year’s resolutions the other day! Who else can relate? With a myriad of aspirations and milestones planned out for this year, I can only see fit a moment of reflection to share with you all as we head on over to the last half of 2018.Clearwater, Fl Summer 2018

Moments of reflection thus far in 2018

Coming into the New Year, I was set and ready to conquer and check off all my goals listed soon, very soon. Though I greeted 2018 with much anticipation, little would I know that with such a hopeful attitude would come trials with my faith and determination. To start off, I must admit that much contemplation has revolved around my personal brand and how this translates into my blog. As many of you have already noticed (those who’ve been following me along since day 1), much of my content centered upon the world of fashion. Yet, certain circumstances had motivated me to take a pause to reacquaint with what EXACTLY I aspire to share with the world. Did I still want to focus mainly on fashion, thrilling adventures, or dive into the limitless universe of food and sweet treats? These were some of the many thoughts I asked myself to truly understand my brand theme and mission. Though it may seem scary to start something new with what’s been growing, I couldn’t be more proud and happier to head into a novel direction with my blog! With a refreshed mindset, I feel at more ease and authentic to my personal brand and with the message I aim to share with you all. This message is ultimately based on the foundation of practicing life with creativity (via imagination) and optimism (via life’s blessings).Florida SunsetsFlorida SunsetsAnother (and prominent) area of reflection for me thus far entails my professional journey. As a recent post-grad student, I’ve held certain notions as to the career field I want to dive into. From the creative aspect to the international arena, I can only be grateful to have experienced such trials with closed doors as I know how exactly I can make an impact to the global melting pot in Tampa Bay. Yes, it’s scary to not know what or when is the next footstep, but I’ve learned that a resilient and passionate mind with added faith can make way for even greater accomplishments! With the next remaining half of 2018 to be lived, I feel more ready than ever before to break down doors and make a difference with my online community and sunshine state. What are you ready to tackle and achieve this year?? Share below in the comments with me and let’s make the next few months remarkable! Cheers to darling moments!Clearwater, FlLocation: Clearwater, FL | Romper: {a} haley boutique (sold out; newest arrivals linked here) | Ankle boots: Steve Madden (on sale in other colors) | Bangles: Bourbon & Boweties | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (sold out; similar style)

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