Fashion and Lifestyle adventures

Hey there! I’m Jessica, a  20-something years young fashion and lifestyle blogger .

I graduated with my Masters in Marketing from the University of Tampa and currently am pursuing my dreams in the sunshine state, Tampa, Fl. Besides marketing and content generation, my heart is fixated on whimsical fashion, traveling, and delicious desserts.

Throughout the years, I’ve been moved with brands making a difference in their community and, with this blog, I aspire to pave an inspirational and beautiful future for women. In the past, I’ve caught myself doubting my own potential in pursuing my dreams and, thankfully, I’ve encountered some great resources and amazing individuals who’ve really made a difference with my self-confidence. Ultimately, A darling moment blog embraces each new moment of each new day to craft opportunities for girls and women to learn, grow, and pursue what ignites their passion. Life is a marvelous project that is shaped by passion, determination, and confidence. So, let’s make this journey worthwhile as a community of strong, bright, and empowered individuals, transforming each day into a darling moment.

5 Fun Facts About The Gal From The Small Town

  1. I’m originally from Rochester, NY, raised in Delaware, and have parents from Brazil and Colombia
  2. I was self-taught Portuguese (determination pays off!)
  3. I love salted caramel cheesecake and oatmeal with coco puffs… major sweet tooth!
  4. My favorite color is yellow as it’s the first color I look up to each new day
  5. Favorite brunch places are Cracker Berrel, Oxford Exchange, and Daily Eats


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