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Mind Over Matter: The Hidden Muscle To Conquer Fear

Clearwater, Fl Summer 2018

A new month, a new chapter in the making for what appears to be a fast-paced 2018! I can’t believe how this year is flying by in a blink of an eye as I feel as I had just made my new year’s resolutions the other day! Who else can relate? With a myriad of aspirations and milestones planned out for this year, I can only see fit a moment of reflection to share with you all as we head on over to the last half of 2018.

Clearwater, Fl Summer 2018


Coming into the New Year, I was set and ready to conquer and check off all my goals listed soon, very soon. Though I greeted 2018 with much anticipation, little would I know that with such a hopeful attitude would come trials with my faith and determination. To start off, I must admit that much contemplation has revolved around my personal brand and how this translates into my blog. As many of you have already noticed (those who’ve been following me along since day 1), much of my content centered upon the world of fashion. Yet, certain circumstances had motivated me to take a pause to reacquaint with what EXACTLY I aspire to share with the world. Did I still want to focus mainly on fashion, thrilling adventures, or dive into the limitless universe of food and sweet treats? These were some of the many thoughts I asked myself to truly understand my brand theme and mission. Though it may seem scary to start something new with what’s been growing, I couldn’t be more proud and happier to head into a novel direction with my blog! With a refreshed mindset, I feel at more ease and authentic to my personal brand and with the message I aim to share with you all. This message is ultimately based on the foundation of practicing life with creativity (via imagination) and optimism (via life’s blessings).

Florida SunsetsFlorida Sunsets

Another (and prominent) area of reflection for me thus far entails my professional journey. As a recent post-grad student, I’ve held certain notions as to the career field I want to dive into. From the creative aspect to the international arena, I can only be grateful to have experienced such trials with closed doors as I know how exactly I can make an impact to the global melting pot in Tampa Bay. Yes, it’s scary to not know what or when is the next footstep, but I’ve learned that a resilient and passionate mind with added faith can make way for even greater accomplishments! With the next remaining half of 2018 to be lived, I feel more ready than ever before to break down doors and make a difference with my online community and sunshine state. What are you ready to tackle and achieve this year?? Share below in the comments with me and let’s make the next few months remarkable! Cheers to darling moments!

Clearwater, Fl

Location: Clearwater, FL | Romper: {a} haley boutique (sold out; newest arrivals linked here) | Ankle boots: Steve Madden (on sale in other colors) | Bangles: Bourbon & Boweties | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (sold out; similar style)


beach day at Treasure Island

A limitless sea of opportunities to seize

When it comes to overcoming personal hurdles, I find the trust factor my biggest obstacle. To trust in the unknown, in the creative energy of life is rather eerie as I’m the type of person who aims to be in control of outcomes and plans in general. Lately, as many of you have known, I’ve experienced a bumpy rollercoaster with job seeking and numerous rejections. I admit that this process (and its “dark side”) had instilled a rather unhealthy mindset and attitude to the point where I’ve caught myself questioning my own potential and worthiness. Yet, somehow and someway, this entire experience makes sense to me with a novel, open mentality.

This refreshed outlook on my own professional life resulted from the simplest, yet impactful, bible verse to Trust in the Lord. Upon reading this verse on a random weekday morning, it dawned on me that my entire thought process was completely out-of-scope with my desirable attitude. I simply needed to craft a greater, open mindset and balance my persistence and determination with patience and pure trust. This is all way easier said than done, but hey, with each new day you learn a new way to chase and create opportunities that the Lord deems best.

Ever since having this aha-moment, I’ve noticed just how infinite life’s blessings and miracles truly are. Rather than contemplating about a particular job rejection, I make the effort to just move on and trust that there’s something better out there. I, also, must admit that part of this strength in trusting with greater faith is inspired by the sea. With each visit, I always get marveled at the vast and deep nature of the ocean -it’s something that leaves me speechless. With my most recent trip to Treasure Island, I took a rather deep dive with all the beautiful miracles this day had to share. My key takeaway from this beach day entails the fact that just as dreams and goals ought to be limitless, so should be our trust in the guiding light from above.

Where are some of your favorite places to immerse yourselves in nature and reflect on your goals? Share with me below in the comments!

Keep scrolling to view some of my favorite moments captured at Treasure Island!

Cheers to darling moments with greater trust & a can-do mindset!

Treasure Island beach in FloridaSummer beach day in FloridaSummer beach day in FloridaSummer beach day in FloridaTreasure Island beach in Florida

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Blending 2 Worlds Into A joyful Moment

Spring adventures at Universal Orlando Resort

If I were to narrow down on 2 things that spark the joyful energy within me, I’d, without a doubt, choose flamingos and Universal Studios. My love, obsession, excitement (however one may term this feeling) is immense as both foster moments of smiles, laughter, and joy.

From its soft pink hue to tall structure, the flamingo captivates me with its pure beauty and elegance. I simply adore these birds as they remind me some of my favorite places that I’ve visited throughout Brazil. Hence, explains the reason as to why you’ll see me dressed up in flamingo prints from head to toe!

As for Universal Studios, I’m so grateful to live within a close driving distance to this fun-filled amusement park! Having lived much of my entire life up in the North East, I seldom visited Universals, and ever since moving to Tampa, I make sure to seize this opportunity to frequent the park as much as I can (while my annual pass remains valid, of course). Beyond the incredible rides and spirited energy from all visitors, I must admit that my favorite aspect of this park relates to the joyful memories created with my friends and family. There’s nothing more that makes me smile from cheek-to-cheek than a huge laughter coming from my loved ones!

Below I’ve shared some of my favorite moments from a recent trip to Universal Orlando, along with a personal review of the new ride, Fast & Furious Supercharged!

Flamingo print shirt

Flamingo earrings in pink

Close-up Of My Favorite Earrings For The Summer

Flamingo women's shirt in red

Off the shoulder flamingo blouse

A Delightful Encounter At The Chocolate Emporium


Fast & Furious Supercharged ride at Universal Studios

As a super fan of the movies, I couldn’t contain my excitement upon hearing about the opening of the Fast & Furious Supercharged ride.  Earlier this month, I had the chance to experience the thrill and action that takes place in such films. The attraction entrance and pre-ride tour were my personal favorite aspects of the entire ride as such stages embodied the perfect details of the films. Experiencing such attractions in the setting of Dom’s garage and home made me appreciate the above-and-beyond time dedicated to sharing The Fast & Furious world with us (the audience/riders). Though the ride itself wasn’t as what I had expected it to be regarding its length, I plan to re-visit it as the attractions crafted a phenomenal ambiance to live thru!

Fast & Furious Supercharged ride at Universal StudiosFast & Furious Supercharged ride at Universal StudiosFast & Furious Supercharged ride at Universal Studios

Flamingos and Universal Studios, though 2 completely different worlds, both resonate so brightly to my personality, interests, and life perspectives. As the optimist that I am, aiming to create joyful moments in each new day, I find the 2 (flamingos and Universal Studios) to make for a perfect match!

Have you already visited the Fast & Furious Supercharged ride? If so, I’d love to learn about your experience and takeaways! Leave a comment below!

Cheers to darling moments with adventurous experiences!

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The concrete jungle definitely greeted this gal with a warm-hearted and exciting welcome-back in the first weekend of March. Having grown up within the Tri-state area and with frequent visits to New York, I’ve considered this enchanting city as my home away from home. When the opportunity to re-encounter the big apple arose, I immediately seized the offer and went with my instincts to plan this mini-getaway for March. Little did I know that a Nor’easter would pound the city the day of my arrival! As my flight was the only one not canceled that day, I transformed this fact into an even greater reason to make the best with what Mother Nature has created and live out the adventures awaiting in the city!

Below I’ve listed out the must-see places you can visit on your next travel to the big apple in just 2 days! Keep scrolling below for details on the locations that are absolutely worth exploring, no matter what the weather may be!

My Personal Favorite Places to Visit in NYC!

1.  The Museum at FIT

Visit to NYC Fashion Institute of Technology Museum

With the rain, snow, and gusty winds taking over the city, a trip to the FIT museum was a perfect way to escape from the frigid wind chill temps and take a deep dive into the world of fashion. The past month marked the 19th fashion symposium of the museum where the main theme centered on The Body: Fashion and Physique. I was beyond thrilled to tour this exhibition as topics such as the emergence of plus-size fashion and perspective shifts of the female body were brought forth in an effort to challenge the current dialogue happening among designers, models, and activists. Beyond such uplifting subjects, admission to the museum is free! So, it’s even more of a win-win for us fashion-enthusiasts and trendsetters!

MFIT Fashion and Physique Symposium

Twiggy Clothing from 1967

2.  NoMo Soho 

Brunch at NYC Nomo Soho

Another personal favorite and must-visit place was NoMo Soho, located in one of the top shopping destinations of NY, filled with fashionable crowds and high-end restaurants. Immediately upon arrival, I was fascinated with the modernized, yet classic, appeal of the indoor and outdoor ambiance. To be completely transparent, I probably spent at least 15 minutes gazing at the decor before entering the restaurant! I was even more amazed with the menu’s unique Mediterranean flair from the famous Chef Gary King. As the huge avocado lover that I am, I couldn’t resist trying out the restaurant’s most renowned avocado toast dazzled with radishes, espelette, micro cilantro, and lime! My partner-in-crime went for the breakfast pizza, and my goodness, this was a pizza of its own world! Each menu item was so rich in flavor, leaving my taste buds dancing all around! The extra perk for visiting this enchanting restaurant is the guaranteed freshness that comes from its ever-changing menus!



NoMo Soho Restaurant for Brunch

NoMo Soho Bar in NYC

NoMo Soho skyline view of NYC

Avocado Toast from NoMo Soho

Avocado Toast for Brunch at NoMo SohoNoMo Soho Outdoor Ambience

3. Brooklyn Bridge 

Kate Spade Handbag Traveling to NYC

Within a short 15 minute walking distance from NoMo Soho, the Brooklyn Bridge makes for the perfect next stop visit! Passing thru the neighborhood of Soho and lower Manhattan left me with an exhilarating sensation from within. There’s so much history, culture, and architectural designs blending together to craft an exquisite work of art. Every inch walked on the Brooklyn Bridge is filled with breathtaking views of lower Manhattan, the East river, and Brooklyn. I frequently caught myself in awe at this + 125 years old iconic engineering feature and all the historic events that have taken place. No matter how many times I may visit the Brooklyn Bridge, I’ll always be mesmerized with its cultural sensation!

unnamed (33).jpg

Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Subway Station


Brooklyn Bridge Views

4. Times Square & Surroundings

Fashion Ave Street Sign in NYC

The final & last must-see location on this quick getaway includes the universally renowned Times Square and surrounding areas. I absolutely loved strolling thru the brightly lit and enormous digital billboards of the surrounding streets of this city hub! Beware, though, after much walking around, you’ll be sure to desire a quick snack to fuel up your energy! One of my favorite places to stop for a quick, healthy, and tasteful snack is The Juice Shop, located right after Madison Square Garden on W 31st street and 7th ave. This place has anything you could ever imagine to eat healthy with loads of flavor! My ultimate pick-me-up choice is the AB&C acai bowel entailing almond butter, almond milk, dates, Himalayan sea salt, and the berry family (my taste buds go crazy just thinking about this!). There’s also a tone of natural fruits and vegetable juices to choose from! Such delightful food & juice shops really make a difference in lifting up one’s mood! It sure did for me as this entire experience left a cheek-to-cheek smile on this gal’s face!

The Juice Shop in NYC

The Juice Shop in Midtown Manhattan IMG_3645

Acai bowel with penut butter

Classic subway ride in Manhttan

Midtown NYC at Night

Times Square 360 photo at night

That’s a Wrap, for Now!

If you’re planning your next trip to the big apple, I’d love to hear on the places you aim to visit and/or are curious to know more about! Share below in the comments section! Cheers to darling, adventurous moments from the concrete jungle!

Times Square Adventures

Life is Your Piece to Your Puzzle

Creative Visualization novel to change your life for the better

Part of my new year’s goals that I aim to transform into a lifelong project is the opportunity to read books spanning across all subjects. This new endeavor is definitely shaped by some individuals who I look up to and their emphasis on always being a student for life.

For the first book of this year, I delved into the topic of Creative Visualization after reading upon the wonderful and life-changing experience fashion blogger and bad ass superwoman, Jaclynn Brennan, had with this subject. Little did I know how much of an impact this book would have in my life in such a little period of time.

Creative Visualization reflects one of my favorite verses of the Bible, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”. The power of the mind is something remarkable to live by, in each new day, and, I’ve learnt how to respect it in such simple, yet, miraculous moments. From relishing with my fruitful taste-buds during a warm, fulfilling brunch to taking time throughout my day to be still and appreciate all that I have now. Such challenges are ever-so rewarding because of the goodness they bring unto the heart and soul. This book is filled with guidance, exercises, and opportunities to adapt a stronger mindset.

Prior to reading this topic, I, honestly, was not a true believer in mediation and affirmation, I did respect such areas of life, but never felt it would make a difference to me. Yet, if I were to share my key takeaway from it all, it would have to be the dedication I now embrace towards affirmations. Repeating beautiful and encouraging statements to myself every morning has pushed me that much further to stop comparing myself to others, to accept and love my body and dreams, and, especially, to trust that I have everything I need now to chase what my heart desires.

If there was only one challenge that I could share with you all, it would definitely be to say kinder words to yourself and hug yourself more for all that you do and are capable of doing. The creative visualization mindset is a life-long road itself, but one positive thought truly does have the power to make that moment in that day remarkable.

I’m so grateful to have come across this book and to have such inspiring individuals in my life, and I can only hope to share this energy with others across the globe.

P.S. For those interested in winning a free copy of Creative Visualization, please let me know either via a comment section below or e-mail! Cheers to darling moments!

Dream Big, Achieve Even Bigger

This post’s theme embodies a more authentic, personal style that shares a tad bit about my past, my passion, and my goals. Though I’m the introvert who shies away from talking about myself, I’m more than happy to walk with you all on this journey and create memorable milestones to inspire us all.

This boundary less journey all started a while back, roughly 20 years ago, when I always used to (and still do) look up to my mother as my fashion icon. From her bright, colorful outfits to bouncy hair styles, there was nothing that didn’t memorize me about my mother’s sense of fashion. Perhaps this fascination is the root cause to my childhood, and now adulthood, passion for the ever-dynamic and ever-beautiful world of moda. There’s just a magical feeling within me that lights up every time I come across a magazine article or content from industry-leading figures. In other words, I can whole-hardheartedly attest to the truth that my past, my present, and my future encompass fashion-oriented ambitions in some form or another. This acknowledgement is what had, in fact, sparkled the idea to launch my blog, and I’m thrilled to simply let this path take me to even greater places and greater discoveries.

By allowing my passion to unfold throughout my life, I’m even more motivated to transform this worth-while dream into an ever-lasting achievement. The journey may be challenging with ups and downs, however, the focus is even more powerful and more prepared to show the world just what dreams are made of! After all, the bigger the dream, the more beautiful and greater the triumph! What have been your childhood goals and how can you let that passion back into your life? I would love for you all to share!

P.S. For those curious to gain an understanding as to how significant my love for fashion is, take a look below and be prepared to share in a #darlingmoment!

Authentic Passion for Fashion and Creativity

It’s a Lifestyle

The joyous spirit of the holidays is long awaited, with each day greeted with anticipation from lighted hearts all across the globe. This is why I love this season, as we all change our perspectives to see the miracles in small things. For me, the holidays continue on with a challenge for all to embrace. The window of transformation lies within us all, a magical feeling to choose hope. I have hope for a better today and a beautiful tomorrow by being the best version I can be and sharing this contagious mindset with all who come across my path.

As a personal life style, there’s nothing more than I enjoy than spending time outdoors, and Tampa, Fl hosts an array of beautiful places to visit. This week I was longing to take a trip to my former graduate school. The University of Tampa is simply memorizing with a lush green campus that takes my breath away every time. This ambiance is one of my favorites to completely immerse myself in the moment and appreciate the beauty of nature. This time I invited my other half  to experience the vibrant urban vibe that this campus is known to offer.

P.S. The University of Tampa is wonderful place that I highly recommend for all to visit, especially the Plant Hall location. Whether you opt to go for a nice walk with your loved one or play fetch with your fur baby, this campus is sure to leave a smile and foster a darling moment to be forever remembered.



My date attacking me with hugs


unnamed (14)

Vibrant urban oasis


Pure radiant sunshine

Location: The University of Tampa