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Sporty & Chic Outfits That Sparkle With Spring

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I’m beyond excited to finally share with you all my latest and most convenient piece to my wardrobe! For those who’ve been following along my Insta-stories, I had previously asked for opinions as to whether you guys would like a post featuring my Reebok sneakers. Lo and behold, many of you expressed such great enthusiasm that made my heart leap with joy!

For many years, I actually wasn’t so fond of wearing sneakers, unless I was heading to the gym. I’ve always leaned more towards flats, sandals, and ankle boots for almost all occasions, even for a recent weekend getaway to New York City (this was a major lesson learned of what NOT to wear when walking the streets of this concrete jungle!). Fortunately this rather narrowed mindset of mine was introduced to the fun and creative aspects of such footwear. With my immense fascination over rose gold, I quickly jumped on-board and snatched myself a pair of some dazzling rose gold sneakers- and ever since, I can’t stop wearing them!

Keep scrolling below for the main themes I’ve entailed with my new favorite spring statement piece!


I simply love incorporating a sense of femininity into a sporty chic ensemble. With such an outfit, details definitely give life, whether with a whimsical jewelry set or a brightly pigmented lip shade. The key here is to have fun with your creativity and master this trend with your very own perspective!


Chic and whimsical fashion pieces have always been a personal favorite, even more so when that particular item is as dazzling as these Reebok sneakers! This particular ensemble has been on repeat for this gal, especially for weekend adventures to local theme parks! The best facet that comes exclusively from this look is the joy in knowing how comfortable and stylish you’ll be wherever you go!

To express myself as content with these rose gold sneakers would be a huge understatement as my fascination with them grows stronger by the second! Perhaps my favorite aspect would be its versatility to all and any outfit worn. Whether you’re aiming for a more feminine look or casual, relaxed style, these sneakers make for the perfect reason to wear on any day!

Cheers to darling moments that are fashionably comfy!

Location: Tampa, Fl | Sneakers: Reebok (sold out, similar version) | Midi Skirt: Forever 21 (similar version) | Studded Belt: Urban Outfitters (on sale) |Ruffled Bodysuit: Express (sold out)Striped Shorts: {a} Haley Boutique (sold out; similar style) 


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Jewelry has always been a form of art that has infatuated me and my style for as long as I can remember. For me, this delicate area in fashion goes beyond just brand names, but rather, encompasses the unique aesthetics that are visually unveiled with each and every detail. The spring season has certainly broadened up this girl’s eyes to more colorful, vivid, and fun accessories! From lilac-colored bracelets to gold layered necklaces, there’s so much variety to play with! Even more so, I eagerly leap with joy with handmade jewelry as such pieces add an authentic and flattering touch to any outfit. This beautiful bracelet and ring set (as shown above) is exquisitely made from Viviana Beatriz, and I highly recommend for any and all fashionistas to check her brand out!

For these warmer days ahead, I’m all for putting together simple and whimsical looks for any fun gathering! Whether I’m heading to a sweet dinner date with my loved one or strolling across Downtown Tampa’s Riverwalk, I always love to entail just the right amount of vivid details and hues. For this outfit, the jewelry balanced effortlessly with the yellow floral top and blue studded heels worn. The light lavender/gold crystal beaded bracelets created an even more stylish statement that I couldn’t take my eyes off them! This fascination also applies to the matching stackable rings (soon to be launched) as the materials are so flexible and can be worn on any finger! The final piece to this chic outfit is the Gold (small) horn necklace.  This particular piece falls so beautifully near the collar bone (a big and strange pet peeve for me when choosing necklaces!) and is also a perfect way to embrace the trendy layering style this fashion season!

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Denim looks are always a classic and timeless trend in the fashion realm. I just love the limitless ways in creating a one-of-a-kind outfit with this material! Accessories not only play a focal role to completing the denim ensemble, but also a make for flattering way to showcase your individuality. For the ripped jeans outfit, I chose to style with the gold layered bar necklace (soon to be launched) as the shape and length add the perfect touch of femininity to this look. More so, the gracious detail of the soft purple beaded crystals fosters a simple and elegant statement, and is my favorite aspect to this layered piece!

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The buttoned-down denim blouse is yet another versatile way to embrace the hot trend around denim. For this look, I went for a more casual and sporty ensemble accessorized with colorful beaded bracelets, matching stackable rings, and the layered Small Silver Hand Charm necklace. Worn together or separately, this 2 piece necklace features freshwater pearl details, showcasing a simple and subtle aesthetic appeal.

All in all, I’m head over heels with such beautiful handmade jewelry by Viviana Beatriz ! I’m so thrilled to introduce you to her brand and newest collections! With her varied and versatile colored pieces, you’ll be sure to love and live in any of her fashionable ensembles as I already do! As a special gift to you, Viviana is offering the discount code, DARLING20, for 20% off your entire order from April 11th until April 30th! This is the perfect time to shop her collections with new arrivals across all categories!

Happy shopping fellow fashionistas and cheers to darling moments with great pieces of accessories!


How To Master Spring’s Trends With Blush Pink & Polka Dots

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Spring is finally here and making a comeback more beautifully than ever! It’s during this season that my mood instantly illuminates to an entirely new level as such promises of life begin to blossom and radiate breathtaking color stories. From mini carnations exuding vibrant energy to the always-welcoming warm kisses from the sun, there’s so much to be grateful for with Spring weather! Hence, my obsession with all things pink and polka dot patterns! In fact, I’ve recently grabbed some amazing pieces from Sequins & Sass and such merchandise speaks to all fashion lovers! So, if you’re looking for some novel ways to vamp up your Spring ensemble, keep scrolling below as I’ve listed out the simple and fun ways to master such in-season trends!

Oh, the Joy with Dots, That’s ,Of Course, Polka dots!

A new Spring essential for my personal closet embodies all things polka dots! This pattern is such a whimsical taste to this fashion season as it creates a whole new character to any wardrobe! This On the Dot blouse from Sequins & Sass, for instance, creates the perfect contrast with silver foil dots layered with a pastel violet tone. My favorite part of this shirt is the versatile ways to wear for a casual and dressed-up look! For this particular occasion, I went for a more comfy, but girly twist with pops of colors and playful accessories!

Forever In Love With Lace!

Lace is perhaps a timeless piece of fashion that will forever be a classic staple to any fashionista’s closet.  I’m so glad to have this design embraced so beautifully this season as it effortlessly mirrors a soft feminine and elegant look, all in one setting. I immediately fell in love with this It’s a Party top as it entails two of Spring’s must-have’s: blush pink tone and a loose flattering fit! A definite win-win for being on point in the fashion realm!

Playful In Pink

Dresses are also a delightful way to welcome back Spring and all the beautiful weather it has to share with us! I get even more thrilled when such fashion pieces entail unique details to make those heads turn, such as these cute bottom ruffles with the Easy Does It Dress! Throw on a bold, yet playful, belt and you’re set and ready to show the world what Spring fashion is all about!

The key to master Spring fashion is to be courageous and step outside your comfort zone with more colors, shapes, and patterns! I, for instance, tend to shy away from richly-colored pigments, but am having so much fun testing and trying out new color combos! As a means to encourage you guys to also have fun when designing your own ensembles, I’m sharing the discount code, Darling25, for 25% off everything, including sale items, on Sequins & Sass, up until Sunday, March 25th midnight!

Cheers to darling moments and unleashing your fashion creativity this season!

Outfits: Sequins & Sass | Backpack: Michael Kors Rhea Small Studded Leather Backpack | Rose Gold Choker: Modern Mesh (sold out; close substitute) Sunglasses: Aldo (sold out; close substitute) | Watch: Frankie Purpleheart & Plum wooden watch 

Guest Writer From Maria VanEwyk: Another Year, Another Start For Trends

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Ola amigos, my name is Maria and I’m a style, beauty, and travel blogger. I’m so excited I got the chance to come together with Jessica and create a collaboration. Being a guest writer for each other’s blogs is a great way to connect with different audiences, especially because we’re from different countries! I hope you enjoy the 2018 trends for Brazil, and maybe be inspired for your own style! If you would like to see more posts and join me on my adventure of moving from Canada to Brazil, my blog is Below is my post on trends for Brazil. Enjoy, beijos!

Another year, another start for trends. After reading Vogue and other magazines I was able to see what was going to be big for 2018 in North America and Europe. But then I realized that I’m not in North America anymore, I’m in Brazil! This got me thinking whether the trends are different or not from North America. Turns out there isn’t a massive difference. Brazil seems to be behind with the trends, for example, Boho chic is no more a trend for North America and Europe, but for Brazil, it’s one of the hot trends for 2018. I am not sure why the new trends come to Brazil a little later, maybe due to the fact that the seasons are the complete opposite. For Brazilians who are up to date with the North American and European trends and sad to see some of them gone for 2018, we  will be happy that the fashion industry can continue with it for a while longer.

Here are the top Brazilian trends for 2018. I made 3 lists, What’s in for Brazil but Out for North AmericaWhat’s in for Both, and What’s in for North America/Europe.


  • Bare Shoulders
  • Leather (they call it Brazilian Leather)
  • Belts around the waist
  • Boho Chic
  • Maxi Skirts
  • White Runners
  • Embroidered Jeans
  • Pink and Violet
  • White


  • Wide-Legged Pants
  • High-Waisted Pants
  • Geometric and Floral Fabrics
  • Fabrics like lace, velvet, and corduroy
  • Glitter and Sequins (shoes and clothes)
  • Metallic Colours
  • Pastel Colours
  • Jumpsuits and mid-length dresses


  • Red and Pink
  • Trench Coats
  • Fanny Packs (Belted Purse)
  • 80’s Shoulders
  • Backpacks
  • Using multiple bags/purses
  • Feathers and Fringe
  • Balloon Sleeves
  • Plastic Clothing
  • Plaid and Sheer fabric
  • White Tank Top

I’ve also included more detailed looks on my Instagram profile, and I’d love for you guys to check me out at @brazilianflare!

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Everyday

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Somehow, someway Valentine’s Day always seems to show up sooner than expected. For me, it feels as if I was just putting away my Christmas decorations from the holiday season. If you’re like me, I tend to prefer to celebrate this special day of love in subtle and fun ways, without breaking the bank account.

For this year, my other half and I ended up commemorating Valentine’s day throughout the weekend. From special dinners to starting a Stranger Things marathon (I may be overly obsessed with this show!), this year’s enchanting events inspired me to celebrate such moments of compassion and love each and every day. Below, I’ve rounded up 5 simple ideas you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day  with that special someone, and make it a magical experience to embrace each day.

5 ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, everyday

  1. Create a new dinner dish that neither of you have tasted before (we ended up using Pinterest to cook up a balsamic-glazed, baked chicken that was AMAZING)
  2. Go out for coffee and breakfast for dinner ( this creates such unique dining experience to relish, along with the delicious options to treat those breakfast taste buds)
  3. Write as many  gratitude notes as you like for your special partner in crime to bring up the beautiful memories that have led to where you both are now (this will sure bring up a radiating smile that you love to see)
  4. Create an in-home movie theater with extra popcorn, nutella, and your favorite old-time movies/t.v. series (this is definitely one of my favorite ways to put aside the mobile devices and cozy-up with my special half)
  5. Go out and have a photo shoot session to put up new pictures throughout the home (this creates a great reason to dress up and be the center of attention with one another)

P.S. My Valentine’s Day outfit was heavily inspired by the upcoming Spring/Summer trends showcased throughout New York Fashion Week. From bright pastels to statement polkadots, I have a feeling these trends are here to stay and make the world much brighter!

Top: Nordstrom (sold out) | Pants: BeBe (similar) | Purse: Michael Kors (sold out) | Earrings: {a} Haley

How To Make The World Your Runway

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The world is simply your runway, darling. This is the ultimate mindset that I love to embrace daily. From the street corner deli to a flower-vine wall flourishing upon an apartment building, this universe is filled with beautiful pieces of art and dazzling moments. This past weekend I was particularly thrilled about the NHL All Star event that took place in downtown, Tampa. As a style-inspo hub, the concrete runway of Downtown shaped up this street-styled meets chic outfit.

This particular outfit is completely and ever-so comfortable to wear for whatever duration of your day. To start off, these BeBe jeans are not only splashed with unique distressing, but also super stretchy! Even more fun to wear is this Zara blouse that has such cute and artistic ruffles spread throughout the collar, front, and sleeves. Worn alone or with a jacket, this top creates a whimsical and flirty look that’s perfect for any occasion (even for sport festivities as I had done)!

All in all, I loved mixing and matching different themes into this outfit. The feminine  with street-sporty pieces created a strong and fun fashion statement that will definitely be worn again! I’m curious to know what are some ways you are blending diverse styles into one, overall outfit? Share below!

Location: Downtown TampaAmalie Arena | Leather Jacket: Express (similar) | Top: Zara (similar) | Jeans: Bebe (similar & on sale) | Ankle Boots: Aldo (similar & on sale) Sunnies: Nora NYC | Purse: Michael Kors (sold out, similar substitute)

Sparkling Extraordinary Adventures with A Colorful Twist

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Universal Studios is especially captivating with so many vibrant colors surrounding the park with the beautiful vegetation, alluring costumes and decor, as well as the radiating energy created by all the youthfully-spirited visitors. From such a divine setting, I, especially, get inspired to portray it with my individual tastes in fashion and beauty.

With my most recent visit to Universal Orlando Resort, I focused on creating an overall style that mirrored the famous Universal City Walk. The color schemes from the restaurants, alone, simply speak of their own stories and aesthetic appeal. I had so much fun designing an overall look based on this theme as I got to use some of my favorite winter and spring pieces! From a rainbow-chic top (that came with an amazing price tag!) to a luminous and ultra-pigmented lip gloss, this girl here was having the time of her life playing with all the color palettes! To compliment it all together, I, of course, had to throw on some rose gold arm parties that made me even more excited for Spring fashion!

Location: Universal Orlando Resort | Top: Zara (sold out/similar) | Leggings:  Zara (sold out) | Bangles: Bourbon & Boweties ( Rose Kendley 5, Leah Rose Gold Bangle, and Kendley 71) Sunglasses: Kate Spade New York (sold out/similar) | Lip Gloss: Kylie Cosmetics 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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This cheek to cheek smile of mine comes from the amazing and fun time I had at Drybar. From the moment upon entering, I was taken into a whole new world where my favorite color was splashed everywhere within a whimsical environment.

For those not as familiar as I was, Drybar is grounded on one simple idea, being the best with blowouts. A former professional stylist herself, Alli Webb, took this concept from her heart and is now sharing her passion throughout the U.S. and Canada. I was fortunate enough to visit our Tampa’s location and had the time of my life. This was an experience that not only made me feel fabulous, but also brought out the inner confidence to a greater level. My hair stylist, Hannah was an absolute sweet heart and was a huge part of the wonderful time I had. In the most simplest words to describe it all, Drybar is a dream come true for us beauty lovers!

Location: Drybar | TopZara (beautiful substitute)Leggings: Express (similar) OTK Boots:Nordstrom Rack (black color)Hair Stylist: Hannah

Transform White into an Extraordinary Outfit

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Lately, I’ve been exploring more options to differentiate my wardrobe. For those of you who do know me, I like to keep my looks simple with a touch of a fashion-forward vibe. To challenge myself and embrace different styles this winter, I’ve leaned toward the sweater dress. Yet, this isn’t just any type of sweater dress, I’m talking about the kinds that allow for different colors and accessories to be played with. Allow me to introduce you to my latest favorite sweater dress, a simple white one that can be tailored to your individuality. Whether you opt in for the statement necklaces or bold pigmented lipsticks, you can never go wrong with making an outfit fit your unique individuality!

P.S. For those interested in purchasing this Kat Von D lipstick, be sure to put your name on the wait list ASAP, as this shade, Homegirl, will debut January 12th!

Location: Macaroni Grill | Sweater Dress: Bebe (similar & on sale)| Tights: H&M ( similar) | Bangles: BourBon and Boweties (link to StyleBook) |Statement Necklace: Baublebar (similar & on sale)| Sunglasses: Aldo (similar) Lipstick: Kat Von D

Mixing & Matching with Uniqueness

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Hello 2018 and welcome back winter! Though,for most of us, the start of the new year is brought with frigid temperatures, now is the perfect timing to shine brighter than ever with one-of-a kind statement pieces. I am such a enthusiast for layering when it comes to winter fashion. Even more so with darling pieces such as these bangles from Bourbon and Boweties. Located in boutiques across the U.S. and in over 68 Nordstrom stores, each bangle is uniquely crafted with stones globally. For this look, I chose to go with a more earthy-toned gem complimented with a black and pearl beaded bracelets. I can guarantee you that I’ll be adding more to this arm party very soon!

P.S. Be sure to check out Bourbon and Boweties’ collection as a bundle of new pieces have been added, just in time for the new year, and a more beautiful you!

Location: Hyde Park Village | Bangles: Bourbon and Boweties ( Kendley 7Kendley 52, The Kendall Bangle Bracelet)

Be Bold, Bright, and Confident

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For this year’s holiday look, I wanted to challenge myself to become more comfortable in my own skin and take on a new color tone. Red is such a powerful and bold pigment that I admire it on everyone else, in basically any form. I usually tend to shy away from this shade, but decided to test it out this season, and, I must say the bright, bold feeling is contagious. I absolutely fell in love with this color as it immediately empowered me to walk more confidently and own my moment. This top, in particular, has such a soft, stretchy feel to it along with catchy bell sleeves that make for a perfect elegant, cute look. You all definitely will be seeing me wear this top more often! As for the next red challenge, I’m curious to know what you would suggest. Leave a comment below and let’s embrace more bold, confident styles!

Location: University of Tampa Campus | Top: Express (on sale) | Shorts: Express (similar & on sale) | Sunglasses: Aldo  (similar)| Boots: Steve Madden

Modernly Elegant Looks for the Holidays

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All year round, but especially for the holidays, I can’t get enough of classy and elegant styles. For this look, it was a match made in heaven as I spent weeks looking for that one-of-a-kind velvety top. This particular crop-top has a memorizing dark olive tone that compliments all skin tones. Paired with a soft pearl necklace and edgy ankle boots, and you’ll be sure to steal the spotlight in any holiday occasion!

P.S. For the fashionistas looking for that perfect holiday dress, my favorite boutique, {a} Haley , just got in stock some incredibly darling styles! Check it out!

Location: Downtown Tampa | Top: {a} Haley (sold out) | Shorts: Express (similar & on sale) | Necklace: {a} Haley | Boots: Rebecca Minkoff (similar)




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